Loco Dice 'Sending This One Out'

In a distant dark future where faceless figures being lead via a conveyor belt to an evil tower of doom, one man begins to fight back the system. Directed by Rick Thiele & Mario Ucci, they have combined a mix of traditional 2D and 3D animation to give this Orwellian video its unique look.

Artist: Loco Dice
Label: Ultra Music
Directors: Rick Thiele & Mario Ucci
Executive Produceer: Fritzi Nicolaus
Storyboard Artist: Adam Beer
Concept Artist: Lucas Durkheim
2D Lead Animators: Sim Marriott, Lucas Durkheim
2D Junior Animators: Ed Smith, Vonnie de Araujo
2D Cleanup Artists: Samuel Embleton
3D Animation: Giovanni Braggio
Compositing: Marco Baratto

Production: rumble - Red Knuckles