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Red Knuckles

In a dystopian future, hoards of men are being sucked into mysterious tunnels and turned into boxes. Once neatly packaged, the boxes fit perfectly into a monstrous structure - the system. One person stands out and starts a chain reaction taking out everything and everyone with him, but opening up clear skies for the generations to come.

Red Knuckles was tasked with directing and producing 3 minutes of animation, mixing 2D and 3D animations with heavy compositing to create an incredibly interesting mix of looks.

Directed by Rick & Mario
Animation Studio: Red Knuckles
Production Company: Rumble
Producer: Fritzi Nicolaus
Storyboard Artist: Adam Beer
Concept Artist: Lucas Durkheim
Lead Compositing: Marco Baratto
3D Animation: Giovanni Braggio
2D Lead Animators: Sim Marriott, Lucas Durkheim
2D Junior Animators: Ed Smith, Vonnie de Araujo
2D Cleanup: Siobhan Pigott, Samuel Embleton

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