We're an independent animation studio with immense respect for the animation craft and artists, always thriving to deliver the highest quality possible in every project.

Since setting up the studio Red Knuckles has won multiple awards including the Cannes Grand Prix and a Gold Lion for Project Literacy, Kinsale Shark, Gold at the ADC and numerous awards and selections at film festivals for our ground breaking short films Dark Noir and Strange Beasts.

Research & Development
Project Research
Pitch Development
Script Development
Character Development
Visual Development
Art Direction and Creative Direction
2D Animation
3D Animation
3D Realistic Visual Effects
Post Production
Our East London studio accommodates 40+ 2D/3D seats, equipped to facilitate any project to scale in-house, with a dedicated team of animators, illustrators, design artists and curating the best worldwide talent as required specifically for each project. We cater to all styles and formats - 2D, 2.5D, 3D, VR, Stop Motion and more!
We like to keep things simple by keeping our hierarchy pretty flat, with projects streamlined in a way so as to have everyone from producers, coordinators, artists, assistants, interns all collaborating together as a unity.

Due to covid-19, our Studio is fully cloud based with every artist working remotely since March 2020.

Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce
Red Knuckles is part of the Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce.
We are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint by helping fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. With every project we sign off, our clients can choose how much to contribute to this worthy cause.
Trusted by Brands, Agencies and Production Companies worldwide
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