Nero 'Into The Night'
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Markus Lundqvist
Red Knuckles

Using a mix of 2D and 3D animations heavily composited together for a moody and electric look, this impressive animation music video, reminiscent of 80's Japanese animation films like Akira, was fully produced by Red Knuckles in collaboration with Knucklehead director Markus Lundqvist for british band 'Nero'.

Directed by Markus Lundqvist
Written By: Markus Lundqvist, Daniel Stephens
Creative Directors: Rick & Mario
Animation Company: Red Knuckles
Producer: Tom Birmingham
Storyboards: Seb Antoniou
Lead Compositing: Marco Baratto
Compositing: Vili Ivanov
2D Animation: Nicholas Brooks, Giovanni Braggio, Luca Vitale, Hugo de Faucompret, Maxwell Oginni, Viviane Guimaraes, Satoshi Ueda
2D FX Animation: Ines Scheiber
2D Cleanup Artists: Giorgia Velluso, Keith Rowsell, Rufus Dexter, Rhian Jones, Sara Moon, Rocco Venanzi
Concept Art: Sim Marriott, Luca Vitale
Mattepaintings: Tim Holleyman
3D Modelling/Texturing: Leonardo Viti
3D Rendering: Cesar Eiji Nunes
Red Knuckles Producer: Fritzi Nicolaus

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